Company Overview

What makes PCCOT different from other organizations?
Patient Choice Coalition of Texas was formed to do one thing and do it well …. Do the legislative heavy-lifting!

PCCOT is a pro-active Legislative lobby group designed to give patients, independent physicians and free-market healthcare issues the same type of attention with the Texas Legislature that insurance companies have enjoyed for years.

Unlike other trade associations (which serve a viable purpose), PCCOT concentrates its efforts on making the Texas Legislature work for you by introducing legislation that takes the offensive, rather than spending resources, on daily business activities of healthcare facilities, individual physicians, vendor recommendations and internal education about health issues.

PCCOT is about setting the health care agenda, not merely defending the status quo.  If the industry and patients’ issues are not moving forward, then they are being passed by!

PCCOT actively engages the most respected healthcare and business lobbyists and attorneys in the State of Texas to advance the issues of its membership.  This not only gives you a voice in government decisions being made regarding health care, but a voice which is backed up with ACTION!!