• Dan Chepkauskas

    Founder/Executive Director / Lobbyist

    Founder and Executive Director of the Patient Choice Coalition of Texas
    Chairman of the Board of the National Healthcare Staffing Alliance
    President and CEO of CHEPCO Consulting Inc.

    In 2007, Dan founded the Patient Choice Coalition of Texas which is actively engaged in combining patient issues with those of health care providers and perusing remedies through the Legislative process. This proactive approach is the first “grass roots” effort of its kind committed to solutions through free market ideas.

    PCCOT and its’ team of lobbyists continually work to inform Legislators about the current state of healthcare.  PCCOT works throughout each full year involving itself in campaigns held across Texas as they assist in electing officials who not only understand their issues but are also willing to fight for them.

    Since it’s formation, PCCOT has been strategically working with the Texas State Legislature, Attorney General, Texas Department of Insurance and others to counteract efforts by insurance companies imposing onerous rules & regulations on referring physicians which are designed to dissuade patients from using their out-of-network benefits.  As prompted by PCCOT, Legislators have writte cease and desist letters to insurers designed to assist healthcare providers who have been adversely affected by having their contracts terminated (delisting).  In addition, the Coalition has drafted and introduced new legislation that would prohibit delisting practice.  It is also poised to introduce in the Texas State Senate and House of Representatives legislation that would require insurance companies to comply with market based reimbursement using a charge based methodology to be tracked and confirmed by a free-market driven data base.

    PCCOT is leading the charge in free-market reimbursements and coined the term “Transparency” where insurance companies should be legally bound to allow patients to make informed decisions when selecting a healthcare facility as well as healthcare policy.

    Dan has over 28 years experience in Legislative and Business consulting, with an additional five years of overseas business planning.  Dan has over 28 years experience in Legislative and Business consulting with and additional five years of overseas business planning.  He has personally started up his own private businesses in the housing, apartment, food services, retail, real estate development and consulting industries.  From 1981 to 1986, he was responsible for planning and cost analysis for Arabian American Oil Company in Dhahran, Abqaiq and Ras Tanura, Saudi Arabia.  During the period 1986 through 2007, Dan lobbied in the state of Oklahoma for companies and associations such as Dean Witter Reynolds, Abate, Pool and Spa builders of Oklahoma; Oklahoma Denturist Association and IBM.  Dan is also a Board Member of the AMA (American Motorcyclist Association) and President of the Board for DMI (Downtown Muskogee, Inc.)

    Dan Chepkauskas graduated with degrees in Business Management, Business Finance as well as an MBA from University of Alabama, and is married to his wife Susan of 35 years along with two children – Daniel, a graduate of ORU with a Bachelors in Business Administration, and daughter Robyn, a graduate of RSU with a Bachelors in Fine Arts.

  • Kyle Frazier


    Kyle Frazier is the owner of Kyle Frazier Consulting, Inc. where he has represented the legislative interests of his business clients sine 2004.  His clients’ interests include water desalination, healthcare, alcohol regulation and taxes.

    Frazier has been involved in politics and governmental relations for over thirty years, having begun his career working on the Mark White for Governor Campaign in 1983.  Upon winning his election, Governor White appointed Mr. Frazier to serve as Deputy Director of Appointments.  In that position Frazier advised the Governor on pending appointments to statewide Boards, Commissions and State Agencies.

    Frazier returned to the campaign trail in 1986 where he directed a variety of statewide and regional political campaigns in numerous states.  It was during this time that he returned to Texas politics and managed (retired Congressman Jim Turner’s successful race for the Texas State Senate in 1990.

    Next, Frazier applied his statewide political experience to the private sector, where he became Director of Industry Affairs for the Wholesale Beer Distributors of Texas.  In this role, Frazier was responsible for monitoring political activities for the association and lobbying efforts before the Texas Legislature and the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission.

    In June 1998, Frazier was recruited to join the Schlueter Group, an Austin-based lobbying firm.  There he continued to utilize his diverse political experience, leadership skills and long term relationships with legislative leaders to represent a diverse clientele before the Texas legislature, several state agencies, and numerous entities within the federal government.

    Frazier studied at Baylor University and has participated in extensive professional development training on behalf of his clients, including water desalination, alcohol regulation and healthcare policy.  Frazier has maintained an active role in the Austin community, including service as the Board President of Keep Texas Beautiful and as a board member for the Women’s Advocacy Project.